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Ellen Eichler

Ellen Eichler

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05/25/18 11:44 AM #1    

Stuart Kendall

Having been out of touch for so long, it is profoundly devastating to realize that Ellen is now gone. She was my first girlfriend. A very special light has gone out in this world and I for one will really miss her kindness, humor and grace. 


05/25/18 10:02 PM #2    

Doug Stuart

Bobbie and I spent some time last year with Ellen and her husband, Jack. Ellen could already hardly speak, but she was radiating, continually, the most profound love to us and everyone else we encountered. We had dinner at a small Greek restaurant where she and Jack were frequent customers, and she knew everyone there. She had to greet the owners and each employee with hugs and huge smiles, and her greeting was simply the radiation from her heart of love, love, love! She couldn't really eat - swallow, that is -  and had to visit the restroom frequently, to rid herself of what she couldn't swallow. Yet she was radiant with an immeasurable joy in every minute. We went back to her and Jack's briefly after the meal, and, as we left, her speechless good-bye hugs were like immersion in a fountain of love.

She had gone with Jack and friends to S. America (or Mexico - I'm not sure) for an ayahuasca-driven spiritual experience, but received something much larger; it tore her heart open. She paid a price in this life for that experience, slowly losing the ability to speak, but I feel it was what she actually was seeking - a total opening to LOVE, something that most of us would not be able to withstand. Few experience, let alone live in, that frequency of energy on the Earth, but the power of it transforms one and all who encounter it. It was a blessing to be in her presence, and she was like an Indian saint, blessing all whom she encountered. I'm sure her leaving Earth is an inconsolable loss for her loving husband, Jack, but we can all be grateful for her presence in our lives. I'm so sorry that she has gone, but so grateful that we were gifted to spend some time in her transformed presence. Goodbye, thank you, and blessings on your way, our dear Ellen!


05/26/18 07:54 AM #3    

Diane Rintoul (Burrs)

kent Hicks <>To

May 25 at 1:00 PM

Tonight I drink a toast to Ellen. To me she was DHS. Losing Larry was hard. We were team mates from the age of  nine. Losing Bales was a hurt. He and I went from kindergarten to DHS. The others of course were classmates but not that close.


Ellen was a friend to a geek. I had a terminal crush on her but she was well above my pay grade. She was courted by some of our more notorious jocks and allegedly there was a cornfield encounter to determine accessed rights. I have no idea of the outcome.


When I left our senior year we wrote for updates. When when off t college we lost touch until a reunion. She remained my crush. I will miss her.


As we confront this age I am more appreciative of how we were and what it meant.


A glass to Ellen and all who remain standing--this includes you Ms. Burrs.


Kent "Chip" Hicks


05/26/18 03:54 PM #4    

Jack Sinow

As all of you, I am extremely saddened to hear this news. Although we were not close in later years, I still felt a bond to her from early childhood. Her parents and my parents were very close friends and, sharing the same religion, we spent many Holiday's together. Ellen and I attended Sabbath School every other week  in our Grade School days, went to High School together, and we both attended the University of Wisconsin together, where we saw each other at least once a week. The last time I saw her was at the last Reunion and we reconnected talking about old times. Like the rest of you, I raise my glass to a kindred spirit who will live in all of our hearts forever. God speed you to that better place, my dear Ellen.

05/26/18 09:28 PM #5    

Louise Shippert (Bishop)

I was so very sad to hear of Ellen’s passing.   She was a sweet and kind friend to me in high school.  God blessings to you Ellen.

05/27/18 08:22 AM #6    

Richard Jessie

So sorry to hear of Ellen passing.  I remember her from both elementary and high school.  She was always a kind person and as I read some of the previous comments a very loving and caring person.  My sympathy to her family and friends. 

05/27/18 03:42 PM #7    

Todd Kennedy

I had the honor to attend kindergarten through college with Ellen. From our time at North Central to Washington School to DHS to University of Wisconsin and on into adulthood, she always was a class act and exemplified the best of our home town.  She will certainly be missed!

05/28/18 09:46 PM #8    

Diane Rintoul (Burrs)

From Mike Wadsworth


Diane: Thank you so very much for the news about Ellen. She was the light of my life at one time. Our experiences in college, though, separated us. We on occasion attempted to find that old feeling once again, but we could not seem to get synchronized. Our love took a long time to die. I learnedto respect her achievements in the field of psychotherapy. We met for lunch a couple of years ago for one last time, and it was essentially catastrophic. I'm just glad we had the time that we had together back in high school. I will always cherish those memories.

            Please change my status on the DHS website. I would like to keep apprised. You, by the way, are the perfect person to take over from Larry.


05/29/18 07:34 AM #9    

Terry Johnson

Sorry to hear about your loss, I saw her around school, but she will be missed.


09/09/18 11:04 PM #10    

Diane Rintoul (Burrs)

From:  Ann Eichler Teal

Thank you to all of Ellen's friends who have left such warm thoughts. We appreciate that the bonds of friendship still hold. Her siblings, Ann, Vic and Linda 

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