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James (Jim) Edwards

James (Jim) Edwards

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04/27/18 01:09 PM #1    

Mike Wadsworth

I am very sorry to hear of Jim's passing. He always had a pleasant smile for me when we talked. I'm sure he made a success of his life in whatever path he chose.      Mike Wadsworth

04/28/18 12:56 PM #2    

Doug Stuart

I'm saddened to hear of James' passing on. He was on the wrestling team with Mike Wadsworth and me and so many others; he always stayed a little in the background. He used to show up at the Dixon Swimming Pool (where a number of us worked) occasionally in the summer, when on leave from the airforce, bragging about his "conquests" during his travels abroad, very proud in his uniform!

James had lived just a few block from me on the south side, I, on Peoria Av & Fourth St, Jim, up the hill past Highland and Madison, and we sometimes walked home together from wrestling practice and occasionally wrestlled and joked around a little in my backyard. I got to understand James from a deeper perspective at one of the recent HS reunions, when all of us who had served in the military got together for a photo just out of town, where the statue had been raised in memory of those who hadn't returned from that disgusting war.

We were not very appreciative or accepting of human difference in our HS days in a small town, and most of us didn't know or care to know much about those who were different in various ways. I think we could have had fuller lives from a deeper familiarity with the variety & richness of the human condition, had we been more open, but those were different times and we were just kids. Hopefully we've all grown considerably in our many years since - that is what it's alll about, isn't it? 

Best wishes on your journey, James! I'm glad to have known you.

05/07/18 12:19 PM #3    

Richard Jessie

Like most events in life, you are touch most by those with whom you have had a relationship. James and I spent a lot of time playing and horsing around together.  His mother (Alice Collins) and step-dad unofficially considered me their other son.  I am very proud of what James did to take care of his mother before he passed.  I spoke with James several times in 2017 and a few times this year before his passing.  He was in good spirit despite his pain, difficulty breathing and talking.  He reminded me that he didn't always have the strength and energy to return my calls but appreciated hearing my voice. 

At this stage in life, what do I remember most about James?

  • As a running back on the football team when he was tackled how he would quickly jump up and shake his shoulder pads.  I asked him why he got up so quickly and he said, Richard, you really don't know all the things that those guys would try to do while they had you down there.
  • The several times our group of black guys missed our ride back to Dixon from Sterling and we walked the 12 miles back home in the dark.  We had a lot of time to talk to each other on those trips.  
  • Our last four or five conversations where we seemed to bound more than we did as kids.  

I was prepared to go to Florida or to Dixon for his funeral but his request was that he didn't want any of that. He was cremated as soon as possible and requested no service.  I think part of that was to protect his mother.  I miss him and his passing has been difficult for me to accept.  

05/29/18 07:33 AM #4    

Terry Johnson

Sorry to hear about Jim, condolences to his family.


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