Saturday Santa

You had to be there to appreciate some of this.  Roger McCollum's somewhat of a gun nut so Santa got him a small water gun.  Todd Kennedy retired from the bench so he got a retirement "gavel" - here come 'da judge.  Mary Helfrich actually knocked out Gordon Fazzi at some youthful party so she got a punching bag.  Andy Chinouth was roasted about his African Lion kill and got a double photo of his kill and how he murdered Simba.  Jack Helin has been doing a lot of work for Habitat for Humanity, getting older so Santa gave him a small bent hammer.  Marilyn Howard had too much to drink one night and lost a partial bridge in the process (fill in the blanks) so Santa gave her a spare set of false teeth.....  Bob O'Connor has only written about the Eastern United States; is getting old and feeble so Santa gave him a Western novel to prompt him to expand his writing to other areas.  By the way, it was in large print.  Susan Zell had a Spin the Bottle party where Dave Dempsey got his first kiss from a girl so she got her special bottle from Santa.  Loren Wilson lives in small town Malta and gives everyone grief.  He was given a toilet seat for installation in Karshone’s Hometown Café in Malta.  On one side is says "Offical Polling Place Village of Malta" and on the other "Re-elect Loren Wilson for Mayor, Cast Your Vote Here.  It's probably already in it's place of honor at the local restaurant.