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07/04/13 10:11 AM #6    

Rita Adolph (Sholders)


09/04/13 12:33 PM #7    


Larry Hagen

A huge THANK YOU to all who attended the "Golden" Reunion.  I think everyone had a great time.  I know it was all worthwhile for Wendy and I.  We had a blast.

You classmates really came through!  We have enough in donations to keep the Website going and have "seed" money for the 55th.

I hope all will continue to use the Website for communication and especially for comments both positive and negative about the 50 year Reunion.  We would also welcome suggestions for the future.

09/05/13 09:22 AM #8    

Pam McClanahan (Russell)

Thanks Larry, Wendy and the committee for the great job on the reunion.   Enjoyed it immensely.   

09/17/13 03:44 PM #9    


Mary Jane Concotelli (Ceffalio)

I wsn't able to attend the reunion, but I want to thank Larry for all the work that he and the committee did to prepare for the event, the great web page and the pictures posted after the reunion. Great job!

Mary Jane Concotelli Ceffalio

12/06/13 11:21 PM #10    

Frank Pinkoczi

It is with great sorrow I inform you that my beloved husband, Frank Pinkoczi, passed away November 26th in Rockford. He suffered greatly from kidney failure, went into cardiac arrest and did  not recover. Going to the 50th Class Reunion was a real highlight for him. Thank you, Dian Gunderson Pinkoczi

12/09/13 01:53 PM #11    


Jerry Curtis



     My sincere condolences on the loss of Frank, a husband, father and fellow classmate.


                                                                 Jerry Curtis

                                                             DHS Class of 63

12/23/14 01:30 PM #12    


Jerry Curtis

Wishing my fellow classmates of the DHS Class of 1963 a Merry Xmas and a great new year.smiley 

12/25/14 02:55 PM #13    


Mike Julian

The summer before Pat (Martin) Dixon and Mike Wadsworth went to serve our country, Pat Green and myself worked with them at Medusa Portland Cement Company (1967 I believe). We were all on the (unskilled) labor force. One of the ball mills had a bad seal and I was assigned to clean up the cement that leaked out. Understand it was like working inside a drum with the steel balls rolling around in the metal drum--couldn't hear a thing. While I was working, Pat dropped small (worn) steel balls on my hardhat. I caught on after about three of them hit me. I couldn't see much through the dust but Pat was up on the catwalk--laughing.

Later that day, I caught 3 or 4 pigeons and put them in a cardboard box. I put the box in Pat's old Rambler station wagon with the flaps of the box tied so that the pigeons would release when the door was jerked open. It worked great; the pigeons launched, startling Pat and Mike--plus feathers and bird crap. It was an easy setup as the driver's door was tied shut and the passenger door had to be jerked open. Pat was mad--had an expected "I'm going to kick your a--" reaction. I said, "Maybe next time you won't drop steel balls on me when I'm working." Then we laughed. We all had our time with Pat. He seemed to reach out to everyone; in that regard he was indeed special.

I served a little over 22 years in the military (1970-1992)--active duty Army (10 years) retiring CWO4 from the USNR. During my time here in the Washington area (since 1977), I visited Pat's name on the "Wall" several times. It's an emotional experience, almost like you can feel the presence of those who died with their lives incomplete. Military service leaves a mark on yo--for one reason you come to know a lot of folks like Pat who don't come back or who come back wounded mentally or physically. Every year when we donate to Disabled American Veterans, I write on the form "for Pat Dixon." It goes to say, "Freedom isn't free." Live long and prosper.

12/26/14 12:45 PM #14    

Carol Covato (Covato)

Mike...Thank you for such a great story about you and Pat Dixon's antics!!! I could actually picture the whole thing as a movie playing in my mind. That kind of puts to rest my grandson thinking people my age were fuddy duddys as young ones! Oh...the stories I could tell him......well,I just wouldnt. Better for him to retain his idea!! Anyway, thanks for the chuckles!

                                                             Carol Bishop Covato

12/27/14 11:17 AM #15    

Tom Bales

Thanks Mike for the memory.  I remember Pat as someone to really look up to even at a very young age.
It was good to hear from you - it is so easy to lose track of people with whom we spent many years.  I  just
wish I had been more outgoing in those years instead of so stinking shy and reserved.  Take care,
                                                                                                                                        Tom Bales

07/17/15 04:06 PM #16    

Andy Chinouth

Greetings to Everyone!  Since we're all celebrating our 70th, I'd like to invite you to join us mid February on a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  It's a direct flight from Rockford, IL to an all-inclusive resort at a cost of $2,200 per person.  Call me 815-291-0301 for more details and I'll send them in an e-mail.  Andy Chinouth

07/25/15 01:23 PM #17    

Mike Gallagher

   Thanks for the invitation for the Birthday Party.  I'm sorry I won't be able to make this party.

Hopefully I'll make the next one!  Would that be the 55th Anniversary?  Keep us informed of

what's happening.

                                   Mike Gallagher

12/24/15 01:40 PM #18    

Phillip Kratzer

Merry Christmas everyone and have a great New Year. Meet the latest addition to our family, great granddaughter Jaleena Siders born December 2nd.

Phil Kratzer


12/26/15 01:24 PM #19    

Shirley Cook (Long)

What a wonderful gift for Christmas.


12/27/15 12:27 PM #20    

Carol Covato (Covato)

Beautiful baby and a great gift for your family!!!

11/29/16 04:52 PM #21    

Shirley Cook (Long)

Was quite a shock to learn of Larry Hagen passing,  it will be a major loss to our Class of 63.  Our sympathy and prayers to Wendy and his family.  Shirley Long


11/30/16 08:15 AM #22    

Kent Hicks

RIP Larry--Friend, Teammate, Classmate.

W.K. "Chip" Hicks

11/30/16 10:01 AM #23    


Mary Mall (Schuster)


My thoughts & prayers go out to you & your family at this most difficult time.  Larry loved our class, did many wonderful things to keep us together & will be greatly missed.

12/01/16 12:32 PM #24    

Jack Sinow

I too express my deep condolences to Wendy and the Family. Larry was a friend for all of us, whether we lived in Dixon or across the country. I always appreciated his e-mails regarding the class. I have fond rememberances of Larry in school and at our reunions. I will miss him.

11/03/17 12:00 PM #25    

Doug Stuart

Another of our lovely souls has passed on. Here's the message I received this morning from Sally Welty's husband Brian Hedrick:

Sally's well lived life is over.  She passed yesterday at home.  Wake is Sunday 2 to 5 pm at Jones Funeral home in Dixon.  Mass on Monday 10:30 am at St Pat's in Dixon.  Obit will be in the suburban paper....Daily with Rockford Register Star.  Also in the Dixon Telegraph.

Not sure who to notify in your class now that Larry Hagan is gone.


Doug Stuart

11/04/17 04:16 PM #26    

Sandy Tilton (McCormick)

I am so sorry to hear of Sally's passing.  My heart goes out to her family.

11/05/17 07:27 AM #27    


Mary Mall (Schuster)

Thanks, Doug for letting us know about Sally.  Brian & family please accept our deepest sympathy at this difficult time.  Our thoughts, prayers & love are with you & family.  Take care!

11/05/17 02:42 PM #28    

Louise Shippert (Bishop)

So very sorry to hear of Sally Welty Hedrick's passing.   I have the most happy memories of her and our lives in high school.   Prayers and condolences to her family.   Love to all, Louise

11/05/17 03:25 PM #29    


Richard Jessie

So very sorry to hear of Sally Welty Hedrick's passing.  Prayers and condolences to her family

11/06/17 11:12 AM #30    


Judy Long (Rorer)

I was so saddened to hear of Sally’s passing.  Our prayers are with her family.

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